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Fallen In Disbelief


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Among the Stars (lyrics: Nick Perez) Gazing towards the sky As curiosities lace the brain. Outward into the darkness Infinite mysteries of the cosmos. Dark reality of the celestial void... Formless, faceless, it governs time. This place... and existence. Witness to the telling of aeons… The fall of ages. Within death lies the key to this wisdom As flesh recycles through decay. Disintegrated, rejoined with ethereal dust. To comprehend that beyond sentient nature. The Universe an everlasting cycle of circular motion. Whence life ceases to be, I shall know... Like a god walking among the stars… Triumphant in the knowledge gained When all else is lost to mortality.
A Portal 08:23
A Portal (lyrics: Nick Perez) See the sky, a portal... limitless mouth of space. A stream of ethereal colors flowing down. Permeating vast emptiness. Creating picturesque patterns swirling, twisting, falling Upon thy soul… like drops of rain. See the sky, a portal... The skies, a river beyond the veil Of consciousness in the mist, Embraced by cold Descent to reach beyond the mortal coil. A wisdom passed down by the stars A stream of colors flowing down See the sky, a portal... mouth of space. Permeating vast emptiness. See the sky, a portal...
Circles Of Disbelief (lyrics: Daniel Neagoe) The sentient hollowed fear Entwined in circles of disbelief… Condoned in sacrifice Detained in veins so abruptly cut… Shallow - skies Burning rains of sorrow – might Depend on sins committed down inside… Heinous scars onto the heavens cry And show unmerciful wounds… Beat, swollen and unhealed Or are you here to spit into my pain? Fallen in disbelief In sorrow and burned down inside… Calling what remains of your faith To help you again… Stranger tides of grief I drown - I drain… Dreaming of time once were lost… Healing wounds of sacrifice... Hoping the end will come soon… Condemned to carry this cross… Embalmed with your own poisoned blood.. Concealed in fear and grief and pain And worshiping the falsity of yourself… Condoned in sacrifice Detained in veins so abruptly cut Fallen in disbelief In sorrow and burned down inside Calling what remains of your faith To help you again Dreaming of time once were lost Healing wounds of sacrifice Hoping the end will come soon… Stranger tides of grief I drown - I drain Fallen in disbelief…
A Beggar's Lesson (lyrics: Kunal Choksi, E.S.) Contentment is what you need Not what you think you need, Fulfillment is but your perception, If one can be happy with a slice of bread…. He doesn’t need a bed or a plate, Just that faith, that money can’t buy. We live a life desiring things That we don’t need… Even the beggars can be content And have faith, despite all odds. Even the beggars can remain content Have unshakeable faith, despite their own fate Beggars or kings, life’s message remains same, This life or the next, the cycle continues all the same. Ultimately we reach the same place, ruled by our deeds, Heaven or Hell is what we plan, what we perceive. Ultimately, we’re all the same, ultimately, one Death, Ultimately, one Heaven, ultimately, one Earth…


released December 25, 2014


all rights reserved



MFL-RECORDS Moscow, Russia

MFL-RECORDS is a Russian non-commercial label, created by Moscow musicians and making part of MOSCOW FUNERAL LEAGUE. Our main tasks are support and promotion of death doom and funeral doom bands.

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